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Our Services

Ranging from Image Retouching for huge e-commerce shops to individual High-End Editing for small photo studios - we cover a variety of Digital Media Production Services tailored to your needs. In the following, you'll find an overview of our services. Just contact us for a special request or if you want to find out which service suits your specific project. We are happy to assist you. 

High-Quality Media Production

Image Editing

We do everything from minor retouches, removing dust & scratches and unwanted objects, to creating new visual worlds. We also do retouches that usually are not possible in ordinary outsourcing, like high-end image editing, which can take several hours to complete. The dedication and care put into each image are always visible in each project. Profit also from our professional Beauty and Fashion Retouching, based on our extended skills and know-how. Furthermore, our services include hollowman (also known as inclip) - retouching, the standard for any garment imaging process.

Image Retouching

Clipping & Masking

Clipping paths are required for almost all products pictures. These are created exactly and clean, so that your product looks good on various platforms or media.

Masking paths are needed to partially edit or recolor images. We work so exactly that there are no edges which otherwise would need to be reworked time consumingly.

Color Correction

Color correction is at the very core of our work. Does a red shirt need to look green? Professional color correction on calibrated displays is done for nearly all images used for web and print today.

Soft Masking

Hair in particular, is a massive challenge for quality background removal. We solve this with alpha / soft masks. Drawing from our long-standing experience, we always make sure to deliver the best results.

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Scripting & Plugin Development

Automation is key for a fast and save mass production. Therefore we implement custom made scripting solutions and plugins in our processes. The benefits of automation are obvious and therefore we also offer this as service to our clients. From a simple Applescript droplet to a complex custom made Photoshop or InDesign-Panel. Let’s simplify your workflow!

Publication Image Editing

From Yellow-Press to glossy magazines - our operators adapt to the specific color style of a publication and handle daily production with a consistent quality. Our services include image color correction and retouching for editorial pages or high-end cover images.

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professional vectorizing


Vectorization is mainly used when the object needs to be scalable in very high-quality, for example, logos or stickers. Sometimes, only the outlines of an object are required, for instance, in industrial technical drawings. Here we realize optimal results by using highly precisive techniques.

Video Editing

For a perfect product presentation, video content is obligatory today. 
Moving images are essential for outstanding marketing and upselling - as they turn online-shop visitors into loyal buyers. Our services include professional video composition, cutting, and color adjustments.

Reliability Counts.

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