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Many companies that looked into producing in Asia found that cheap outsourced production requires a constant effort at home to achieve the last 20% quality. Against this global trend of offering Media Production as cheap as possible, our philosophy is based on a simple truth: Price always affects quality. A fair price guards motivation, keeps engagement high, and thus strongly benefits quality. While our prices may be higher than the average, our customers enormously profit from reduced effort on their side and much lower costs than producing locally. So let us introduce ourselves!

Our Philosophy:
Fair Production Ensures High Quality.

Germany meets asia

German Management

Siam Pixel is led by a team of German Production Managers with over 40 years of experience in many fields of Digital Media Production. We utilize this profound knowledge to support our teams in achieving the best quality and results for your projects. We place great value on trust and equality - thus, onsite production is mainly led by our Asian Production Managers. These factors highly contribute to the satisfaction of our many global customers and longterm-cooperations.

team siam pixel media production
siam pixel media production

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Local Asian Management

Onsite, our local production managers ensure constant high capacity within our teams of Editors, which are distributed over different locations in Cambodia and Thailand. These geographical locations allow us to spread jobs flexibly based on complexity, price, and delivery time requirements. That's how we guarantee you fast turnaround times, reasonable costs, and consistently high quality all year.

our pillars of success

The Teams

Our key to constant quality is different from other services in the global outsourcing market. Why and how? Our teams are our best asset! We place great value on team training and staff members get the possibility to continuously enhance their skills. Team spirit, trust, and fair salaries are important pillars of our company. As a result, Siam Pixel’s staff fluctuation is much lower than the average rate in the Asian market. Our staff members love their work - and our high quality shows proof! Every single day. Ready to thrive with us?

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Media Production With Passion.

Here we go!
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